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1. Flipper Clipp UPS System carries a warranty for 12 months & Batteries carries a warranty of 12 Months from the date of Invoice against operational defects in material, unless and otherwise specified by the company

2. The warranty does not cover any loss or damage incurred when the UPS System is handled by other person, in the absence of our Engineer,

3. The warranty does not cover glossing and or fading effects.

4. The warranty becomes null and void, if any alterations, i.e. the electrical Circuits or parts either by way of adjustments, addition to or which has been subjected to careless or misuse or accident, damage caused by repairs or whilst in transit, abnormal voltage, acid, act of the creator or failure on the purchaser to follow instructions / user's manual.

5. Warranty does not cover external parts of the UPS and accessories.

6. This warranty is in lieu of all other guarantees / warranties, expressed or implied and does not cover any kind of consequential damage.

7. Flipper Clipp will not be held responsible for any delay in servicing due to natural calamities or due to any reasons beyond the control of the company.

8. During the warranty Flipper Clipp Engineer will undertake repair and replace the components, which proofs to suffer manufacturer defect.

9. In the event of repair Flipper Clipp Engineer will advice the customer weather to effect the repair at site or at factory.

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